Orchid Display Stand, What Works?

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For most people, including myself, the qualities in an orchid display stand that I require are durability, functionality, accessibility, cost, and of course, a match for your overall choice in home decor.

Like you, I adore my orchids and want to show them off.  As my personal collection grew, what I quickly noticed was the dilemma of displaying them in a safe and appealing way is a real challenge.  Due to their height while in bloom and the stakes that provide support for their stems which can be a bit clumsy, traditional houseplant display arrangements simply won’t work.  Not to mention, a healthy and mature Phalaenopsis orchid can have quite an impressive leaf span, leading to overcrowding.

If you are interested in purchasing an orchid display stand that would suit your needs, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best.  I’ve broken the categories down into: small collections, medium-sized collections and large collections.  As I find more stands that work well and are well constructed, I will be adding  them.

You can find all of those options for sale here at my shop.  All links are to Amazon, a trusted buying source.


Building Your Own Creation orchid display stand

Some among us are pretty darn talented at creating and building items out of wood or other materials.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I’m left in awe at the sheer genius of some people’s abilities.  Is that you?  Or do you know anyone who is crafty, handy at working with their hands building things?  Well then you’re in luck.  There are some stunning ideas out there of custom designs that will turn your home into an orchid display oasis!  I intend to try my hand at a few of these with my husband! (He’s the genius in this relationship)

  • Here is a fantastic page on Pinterest with all sorts of amazing designs.

Walls That Are Alive! orchid display wall

Have you ever heard of vertical living walls?  Until recently, I was one of the unfortunate few that had not.  These can come in a variety of forms.  Some are homemade, as linked to in the above paragraph and some are kits that you can buy.

green bean buddy

Regardless of which you choose, these add literal life to your home in a way that nothing else could come close to.  All you need is a wall that receives enough light for the flowers of your choice to flourish.  The set up takes a little bit of time and know-how but once you’ve got it all done, imagine relaxing on your sofa or favorite chair, looking around at your personal flowering oasis.

Spark Your Creativity

Orchids in particular, as we’ve mentioned in this article can be a real challenge to display.  With their unusual dimensions, they pose a unique set of complications you’ve never had to consider before.

I hope by offering some ideas and inspirations in the above paragraphs, some light bulbs have gone off for you and you’re now imagining all the creative ways you could build this here or that there.  Along the way as new methods of display are created, I will be featuring them here.

Filling your home with plants that bring you daily joy and fill your space with life brings so much enrichment to even the toughest of days.  As your collection grows and you fall in love with new additions to your home, I hope you will continue to join us here at Potted Opulence to share ideas, comments and questions. If you yourself have a favorite stand or method of building live walls, please comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!

Comments (4)

    • Marios Tofarides

    Hi there,

    Living in an apartment, I consider vertical living walls as a great option to have a garden in my home. What is the minimum and maximum height for a decent living wall? And what plants or flowers would you suggest for a climate like California or Florida?

    Thanks a lot!


    October 26, 2018
      • Holly

      Hi Marios, thank you for visiting PottedOpulence! I’m so glad you came by and took the time to ask some questions. 

      Vertical walls are a definite choice for an apartment setting, provided that you have permission from your landlord if you are renting.  Depending on the type of vertical wall you choose (self-watering hydroponics like the Green Bean Buddy from the photo link) or the other option which is basically a frame-work set up that you will need to manually water when necessary.  Because of the inherent weight that the plants will create, some support will need to be anchored into the wall.  Some landlords don’t appreciate structural/cosmetic changes of that nature, while others are perfectly fine with it so long as you don’t do permanent damage that will be costly for them to repair should you decide to move on.   

      If you are looking for minimal damage to your walls, I would choose the framework type set up and it’s more temporary, as well as moveable for you. By framework, what I’m referring to is, either purchasing some wood and setting up “connected” boxes that have proper depth/height to support the pots of the flowers you choose or by purchasing the 4×4 square that is linked to in the post as well.  These will not only limit the construction work involved but should be easily attached via some screws and support brackets for the weight.  It is something to consider in an apartment, if you are renting.  If on the other hand you own this apartment, you can surely choose a structure that is as heavy as you’d like provided you have studs in the wall that can withstand it. 

      To be honest, when it comes to the minimal/maximum height for a decent vertical wall, I think that will be up to you.  Some people would be satisfied with only a couple rows, while others would rather see their entire wall transformed into a vertical living wall.  What do you envision? 

      A climate such as California and Florida cause tropical plants to absolutely flourish.  Orchids are a prime example.  They absolutely love the warmth and humidity, with the slight temperature differential at night (which orchids require to re-bloom).  Bromeliads are another that love those climates.  When growing indoors however in individual pots on a living, vertical wall, the options are pretty much limitless.  Because you can control your indoor environment, most vegetables and plants can be encouraged to thrive with the right tweaks.  You may need to add in some grow lights or LED bulbs around the indoor garden set up but that is very simple to do.  Plus, as you are well aware, plant needs will vary, so watering accordingly is important too. 

      I hope that I have answered your question?  If not, please let me know.  I’d be glad to help in any way that I can.  Thanks again for visiting.

      October 26, 2018
      1. Hey Holly,

        Thanks for taking the time to form a very detailed answer. I own the apartment I live in, so I won’t have any problem with permissions. I wouldn’t like many changes, I would go for the framework type set as well.

        Thanks for the advice!


        October 27, 2018
        1. You are most welcome, Marios! I’m thankful that my reply helped you. If there is anything else I might be able to help you with, please let me know.

          Have a wonderful day!

          October 27, 2018

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