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This first option is fold-able. For some of you readers out there, I know that can be a really big deal. If you have guests coming to stay or tend to change your spaces a lot, having the option for easy storage is a must. Depending on the size of your plants, this one could accommodate 5 or 6. The gaps in between the frame are a little larger which has pros and cons. The pros are that more air can reach your plant from the underside for optimal root health, and watering is a cinch because you can leave them in place and let water drain right on through if you chose to do so. The con is that orchid pots with their modified bottoms for proper drainage and air circulation don’t always sit completely flush. To add stability, you can always easily add an item with a flatter surface to the bottom of the orchid pot. Problem solved so I certainly wouldn’t let that stop you if you fall in love with this piece.

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