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1000W SUNRAISE LED Grow Lamp with Daisy Chain Triple-Chips LED (15W LED)

If power is what you’re after, you just might have found your match here.

Energy efficient LEDs keep your electric bill as low as possible while still providing you with maximum light output.

With this light by Sunraise, you have some control over the type of light you provide.  There are 3 main settings: VEG (best for seedling growth), Bloom (best for fruits and flowers) and a combination of those two settings for best performance all the way through the growth cycles.

Covering a 3×3 area (or 4×4 in grow tent), this light gives some substantial output for maximum growth.

This light is impressive and just might wow you with results.  Try it out!

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From The Manufacturer:


  • ♣ 【VEG & BLOOM 】 Two Seperate Switches: VEG for seedling growth, Bloom for fruit and flowers. Veg/Bloom features a more Red/blue heavy output to deliver maximum performance from seedling through final flower.
  • ♣ 【Lenses Technology】 1000 watt led grow lights combine optical lens technology (better than reflector series), increase 30% loss of lights with higher PAR than any other brands on the market.
  • ♣ 【Daisy Chain Available】 The power cord is double use for power and daisy chain. Great for you to simplify growing operation and management, link more grow lights while using one wall outlet only.
  • ♣ 【Save your Electricity Bill】 Compare with 1000 watt traditional HPS/MH, SUNRAISE LED grow lights for indoor plants only consume 165 Watts real power, ensures maximum yield with minimum power usage and heat.
  • ♣ 【3 Years Warranty】SUNRAISE offer 3 years warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee.



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