repot me white ceramic orchid pot

7″ White Star Ceramic Orchid Pot

This 7″ ceramic orchid pot from rePotme is a simply elegant design.

Large enough to contain your more mature orchids.  You simply can’t go wrong with this one.  Decor to match any room.

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From The Manufacturer:


  • Unique Design
  • Beautiful Glaze
  • Pot sits high above attached saucer
  • Same Day Shipping!

The 7″ White Star Ceramic Orchid Pot has a beautiful rich shiny glaze. The delightful star cutout design provides for aeration and light while a bottom hole allows for drainage. Each ceramic orchid pot is unique and color may vary slightly from piece to piece. These taller pots will be a wonderful addition to your display. Approximately 7 inches tall and 7-8 inches wide tapering to 5.5 inches wide at the bottom, these are truly works of art and are mostly glazed inside as well. These orchid pots are a beautiful choice for African violets too. Multiple pads on the base protect surfaces. Each pot comes with a free 6″ Crystal Clear Orchid Pot which fits nicely inside.



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