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Besgrow Orchiata Orchid Bark – Power 3/8-1/2 (9-12mm)

Orchiata bark thus far for me is by far the best.  I love this stuff.  Most importantly, the orchids I have potted up with it are healthy and secure in this media.  This media easily slides between the root crevices without suffocating them, making it easy to get stability without overcrowding.

If you only have a small collection of orchids, this bag should work well for you.  I cannot more highly recommend the Orchiata brand.

Full Disclosure: This is an affiliate link.  I will make a small commission from this product if you should decide to buy.  It does not cost you more to click on this link and I do not recommend anything that I don’t use and love.


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From the Manufacturer:


  • You will receive (1) 5 Liter Bag of Orchiata Bark in Power
  • 3/8* * 1/2*, suits young and mature orchids, a good size for second potting; AFP 49 * 53%, WHC 56.8%
  • pH balanced to eliminate the natural acidity of bark media
  • Contains beneficial micro-organisms for protection against plant pathogens
  • 100% pure New Zealand Pinus Radiata Bark





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