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Conservation Methods for Terrestrial Orchids

It’s extremely sad how many plants and animals on this earth are now among the most endangered list.  We must do better!!

Terrestrial orchids are incredibly fascinating and unfortunately, are one of the most endangered.  This book highlights conservation efforts but also offers some advice of how we can better take care of the environment around us.


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From The Author:

Orchids are unmatched in their floristic diversity, wide range of growth habitats, and, most importantly, their unique and highly adapted biology and ecology. With terrestrial orchids now among the world’s most threatened plants, the need for conservation is paramount. Conservation Methods for Terrestrial Orchids equips orchid biologists, botanists, conservationists, students, and hobbyists with the necessary methodologies to facilitate the conservation of this endangered group of orchids. This first-ever comprehensive volume on terrestrial orchids includes background information, techniques, procedures, and relevant case studies on topics such as monitoring, approaches used for mycorrhizal isolation and culture, seed sowing techniques, soil baiting, symbiotic culture of terrestrial species, translocation of propagated plants, pollination, genetic approaches for orchid biology and conservation, innovations in alginate encapsulation of seed and mycorrhizal fungus, and more. The focus of this volume is on terrestrial orchids as these species face the greatest conservation threats, however, the techniques described in this book can also be applied equally to epiphytic (tree) orchids.


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