Milliard orchid net pots

Milliard 5in. Hydroponic/Orchid Slotted Net Pot/Net Cup – 20 Pack

Net pots in recent months have become a good friend of mine.  I used to strictly use traditional orchid pots when I was re-homing my orchids, but I have found the air flow, security and manageability of these net pots to be absolutely wonderful for orchids!  The plastic material is durable but flexible.  The “bang for your buck” is incredible.

They offer these in both 5 and 6 inch versions.  I have been using both and find them to be a great size.

Full disclosure: This is an affiliate link.  I might earn a small commission if you click this link.  However, it does not cost more for you and I only recommend what I use myself and/or trust.


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From The Manufacturer:


  • Designed with slotted vented sides and a reinforced top rim to promote more efficient plant growth through aeration.
  • Provides proper drainage to encourage healthy root development and a tapered bottom for easy fitting or removal of plants or pots.
  • When a plant becomes too big for a solid pot, the roots begin to circle and choke each other. More airflow to the root zone prunes the root structure and prevents circling.
  • The net pots allow water to drain through, so you can use them with your favorite drip or watering system.
  • Pack of 20 5 in. Net pots.



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