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Orchid: A Cultural History

A somewhat cheeky tale of the history of orchids.  Where did the fascination come from?  When did it start?  These are questions you’ll find answered in this book.

“Orchid: A Cultural History” is an engaging read that will leave you chuckling and amazed by the imaginations and projections of what the orchid has stood for over time.

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From The Author:

“At once delicate, exotic, and elegant, orchids are beloved for their singular, instantly recognizable beauty. Found in nearly every climate, the many species of orchid have carried symbolic weight in countless cultures over time. The ancient Greeks associated them with fertility and thought that parents who ingested orchid root tubers could control the sex of their child. During the Victorian era, orchids became deeply associated with romance and seduction. And in twentieth-century hard-boiled detective stories, they transformed into symbols of decadence, secrecy, and cunning. What is it about the orchid that has enthralled the imagination for so many centuries? And why do they still provoke so much wonder?”


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