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Peruvian Sphagnum Moss by Orchid Nerd 150 Grams

High quality sphagnum moss is an excellent medium for orchids.  Naturally antibacterial, moss has many great benefits.

Sphagnum tends to retain moisture much longer than bark so watering less is usually recommended.  Mixes of bark and moss do extremely well, too.  It all depends on your personal preference.


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From the Manufacturer:


  • Easy to use medium that holds moisture and fertilizer for growing plants. When hydrated 150g makes approx 6L.
  • Excellent for lining wire baskets mounting staghorn or bromeliads and lining and filling wire forms of topiary. This high-quality moss is helpful to use in reducing shock when re-potting seedlings such as Cattleyas Phalaenopsis Oncidiums and Dendrobiums
  • Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss lasts a long time in the vivarium, and has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is placed between the substrate and leaf litter layers in a vivarium to prevent the substrate from adhering to the frogs, and to increase the suitable environment for microfauna. Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss also makes a great substrate for temporary or quarantine tanks for dart frogs, as well as rearing bins for young froglets.
  • Best to soak the dry sphagnum moss in water where it will expand and fluff up ready for use, add to potting mixes or use as a potting medium on its own.
  • Our moss is from the Andes of Peru, over 3,000 mts of altitude. Due to its climate and absence of trees, it is a very high quality and clean moss, comparable to the New Zealand moss. Because of the characteristics of the harvest zones, at great altitude in the Andes of Peru, Peruvian Sphagnum Moss has a level of cleanliness that exceeds similar products in the market.


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