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Phalaenopsis AAA Imperial Orchid Mix (Junior Bag)

High quality sphagnum makes a world of difference.

rePotme’s quality is extremely hard to beat.  I recommend this sphagnum moss 100%.

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  • Free Same Day Shipping!
  • Fantastic Choice for Phalaenopsis Orchids
  • Finest Ingredients
  • Specialty Classic Orchid Mix Small Batch Fresh Made
  • Comes in a Resealable Bag

Imperial Phalaenopsis AAA Orchid Mix is made with: AAA New Zealand Sphagnum Moss Large Sponge Rock Medium Cork Nuggets RePotme Imperial Phalaenopsis AAA Orchid Mix is hand made with extraordinary ingredients. It is an excellent choice for Phalaenopsis, Doritaenopsis, Doritis, Neofinetia, Coryanthes and Sederia. The Imperial Cube is packed in its own box and sealed with a clear plastic liner. Our Imperial orchid mixes are probably the finest plush mixes available anywhere and are perfect for the orchids in your collection. Also available: Imperial Orchid Mix Phal Monterey Orchid Mix. Don’t be fooled by lesser grades of sphagnum moss, insist on top quality long fibered AAA New Zealand Sphagnum Moss or the 5 Star Chilean Sphagnum Moss found in our Classic Orchid Mixes. Note: In general, one quart of potting mix fills a six inch wide pot, two four inch pots, or half of an eight inch pot with no plant in it.



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