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Sun Bulb Phalaenopsis Mix, 8 Quarts

A solid choice for re-potting Phalaenopsis orchids.  I have used this brand numerous times and have been pleased with the growing results.

Perlite ensures proper drainage, lessening your risk of root damage from watering issues. If you’re only potting a couple of orchids, this bag will be all you need.  🙂


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From The Manufacturer:


  • Phalaenopsis mix
  • It is a fertile mixture of Canadian chunk peat blended with western fir bark, hardwood charcoal and coarse perlite
  • It is developed to provide the proper mixture of fertilizer and moisture needed to encourage superior phalaenopsis plant and root growth
  • Provides your phalaenopsis orchids with the drainage, air flow, and root ventilation they find and thrive on in nature
  • It should be used when re-potting your orchid, at least every 12-18 months or as needed to support healthy growth



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