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    Grow Lights For Indoor Plants – A Review

    One of the things I love about the indoor plant world is that for almost every problem, there is a solution!  Enter in here the issue of not having enough light in your home or office spaces. Whether you just prefer houseplants that require lots of light, or your home doesn’t have much natural lighting, grow lights are a phenomenal choice.  In this post, I’ll be focusing on a few options of grow lights for indoor plants, as well as reviewing those options to give you a clear list of pros and cons.  I use grow lights myself and love them.  They’ve been absolute lifesavers for my plants in a…

  • Ideas4Landscaping review @ PottedOpulence.com

    Ideas4Landscaping Review – Inspiration For When You’re Stuck!

    We’ve all been there… dreaming up ideas of how we envision our indoor and outdoor spaces to be, but yet unable to manifest the vision into our reality. (sigh) It’s frustrating to say the least and can be very discouraging. We are all keenly aware that there’s nothing quite like coming home to a space where you feel peaceful, relaxed and safe, even if your life and environment are chaotic with mounting responsibilities. In this crazy world we’re in where our schedules never seem to stabilize for long, we all need a space we can escape to, unwind and let go of our stress for a while. Just breathe. Since…