live orchid plants for sale

Live Orchid Plants For Sale

live orchid plants sale

Phalaenopsis orchids (also known as moth orchids) have now grown exponentially in popularity thanks to their majestic beauty and appeal. Few things can add class and delicate design more flawlessly, that is for certain. This post is dedicated to the best of the best live orchid plants for sale.

There is an unfortunate belief floating around that moth orchids are hard to care for. Luckily, this isn’t really true.

I will grant you that the care of an orchid is definitely different than traditional houseplants. If you are familiar with the care of African Violets, you will be more likely to understand the unique needs of orchids as well.

Here are some articles you might find helpful on how best to water, fertilize and otherwise care for your orchids:

If you love orchids, you will love seeing this video:

I won’t make you wait any longer! 🙂 Here are the best live orchid plants for sale available online just waiting to adorn your home (or a friend’s) and make you smile…

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Best Of The Best Live Orchid Plants For Sale

5″ Hallmark Double Spike Green Moth Orchid

live orchid plants sale
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This dyed green orchid from Hallmark is absolutely beautiful. Do keep in mind that any time an orchid is dyed, once the dyed blooms fall off, the next bloom cycle will be classic white. (Nothing wrong with that!)

Hallmark has found a way to ship their plants safely while 75% in bloom. That means you or your loved one can enjoy an increasing bloom count as time goes on. With proper orchid care, you will be able to admire this plant for months to come.

If you or someone you know loves green and orchids, this is the perfect gift. Orchids really are a gift that continue to give endless smiles and satisfaction.

4″ Hallmark Petite Duo in Twig & Moss Container

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My bet is your favorite thing (and mine) about this one will be the way it is displayed. This little beauty comes in a 4″ all natural twig and moss container. There is no doubt this one stands out in the crowd as completely unique and special.

Standing only 6 to 10 inches tall and 4 inches wide, this petite Phalaenopsis orchid is sure to be a winner. What do you think about it?

5″ Hallmark Double Spike Iridescent Blue Moth Orchid

live orchid plants sale
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Another offering from the makers of Hallmark. What I love is that both Hallmark and Amazon are now trusted names. Customer service won’t be an issue should you have any issues or concerns.

Blue orchids are also dyed orchids. As it is with the green option above, the next bloom cycle will be pure white.

At 16 to 30 inches tall, you are sure to receive (or give) an orchid that takes your breath away and makes you fall in love with the allure of orchids.

5″ DecoBlooms Aqua Moth Orchid

live orchid plants sale
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DecoBlooms has done a really superior job at not only offering a uniquely colored orchid but also at packaging safely for best shipping care. I’m pretty impressed, because shipping orchids in bloom is not the easiest feat.

Standing between 16 to 30 inches tall, you will be receiving an orchid that is healthy and ready to be enjoyed for years to come. The aqua color is dyed as well, so do know in advance that your future blooms will be white.

They do offer gift options through Amazon so it is an easy way to say I love you or I am thinking of you. I don’t think you or your loved one will be disappointed in this choice. These orchids are truly a sight to see!

Kawamoto Orchid Nursery 2 Blooming Dendrobium Orchids

live orchid plants sale
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Dendrobium orchids are different from Phalaenopsis (moth) orchids. Dendrobium blooms are spectacular as well and last for around 6 weeks or so. They also have higher light requirements than moth orchids. Typically, somewhat direct morning sun makes Dendrobium orchids quite happy.

Here is a post from the American Orchid Society on the care of Dendrobium orchids if you are interested.

The Kawamoto Orchid Nursery has an impressive selection of these great orchids. They will ship to you, 2 Dendrobium orchids currently in bloom. The color choice will however be theirs. They like to send out quality plants and this gives them that opportunity to decide on best quality.

They ship their plants via FedEx 2 Day service for FREE. That means you will receive your plant quickly and usually, without damage. It’s a great shipping method for live plants. I have seen great success using this way.

If you are looking for an orchid that is different, unique and very healthy, I think you’ll be pleased with a choice to purchase from Kawamoto.

Angel’s Orchids – 5 Live Orchid Plants (Cattleya, Oncidium, Dendrobium, Vanda, and Phalaenopsis)

live orchid plants sale
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Do you enjoy growing orchids of different varieties? Are you expanding your orchid growing collection? If so, Angel’s Orchids might be just what you are looking for.

These orchids are not in spike or flower so that is something to keep in mind. These are best for folks who want to grow with their orchids and learn more about the whole process. Trust me, it is extremely rewarding when you take an orchid plant from a young stage to a mature, blooming flower. It’s a fantastic feeling and you can do it, too!

Angel’s Orchids are serious about customer service and I really like that a lot. If you are not happy, they want to know about it and will do whatever they can to fix the issue. I don’t think you’ll regret choosing this group to buy your orchids from.

They offer free shipping (usually by USPS Priority Mail) and send your plants with all the necessary information. You will know what you have, what to do with them and what colors you can expect as well.

I recommend giving them a try. I think you will be glad you did.

2.5″ Hallmark Yellow Moth Orchid in Terra Cotta

live orchid plants sale
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This little cutie will charm you! At 2.5 inches wide, this small but beautiful orchid will make you smile.

The all natural and soothing yellow tones in this bloom add a touch of class to your space. At only 6 to 10 inches tall, this little guy will work on even the smallest of desks in the office. The earth toned terra cotta container adds just the right touch.

Yellow orchids happen to be one of my favorites. There is something very delicate and different about them. Each time one of my yellow orchids bloom, it just brings a special kind of happiness.

Customer service is excellent! If you have any issues with the order, they are willing to work with you. I give them a big thumbs up.

“Not Quite Live” Orchid Options

Just in case caring for live orchids isn’t your thing, I haven’t forgotten about you either! If you’d love to enjoy the beauty without the hassle, a silk option would be just right.

Nearly Natural Phalaenopsis Orchids

live orchid plants sale
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Wow, these are impressive! The super realistic petals, leaves and container will most definitely make you believe these are as real as they come.

This stunning arrangement comes in 8 incredible color options. You are guaranteed to find exactly the decor match you need for your home.

People will believe you have the green thumb to rival all green thumbs! 🙂 It is not uncommon for guests and family to call you a liar for saying this is silk. It’s pretty amazing.

The best of all? You can place this wherever you want without light restrictions and you can’t kill it!

In all seriousness, if you need an arrangement that will completely change the ambiance of your room and leave you amazed it’s not real, you should most definitely have a serious look at this silk Phalaenopsis. Let me know what you think of it when you do!

KaBloom Fresh Red Roses and Exotic Blue Orchids

live orchid plants sale
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Last but most certainly not least – this fresh cut bouquet of stunning red roses and blue dendrobium orchids will melt any heart! (There is even a box of chocolates!!)

The color combination of the red roses and the blue orchids is perfection in a vase. What do I like the most about it? They arrive in bud form. What this means is your flowers will last longer because they will freshly bloom right in your presence! I am really impressed.

Treat yourself or someone you love to a pairing of fresh cut flowers you (and they) will never forget.

live orchid plants sale

Live Orchids Brighten Your Life

Whether you choose real live orchids or the silk variety, you are guaranteed to find enjoyment in not only the blooms but also in their care. I am a firm believer taking care of plants makes you a better person.

Mental health studies have proven that looking after houseplants eases depression, anxiety and low self esteem.

It is my hope that by sharing with you my favorite options of live orchid plants for sale, you will find your perfect match too! I believe any of these listed above will make you very happy.

So in closing, just know that orchids aren’t as difficult as you think. You may have to learn a few new tricks but they are worth it. You can watch your orchids thrive as you learn what they love. Don’t be afraid to try – they love you too!

Please, share this article with your friends on social media. It means so much! I always try to bring only the best content because your happiness matters to me. Thank you for reading!

I’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments, please reply below. I’ll look forward to it.

How about you? Do you have a favorite place to buy orchids from? Do you currently have any of these above – what do you think? Let me hear from you!

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