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    Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!

    To each of my readers, this Thanksgiving, I want to say thank you for being here.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to read what is on my heart to say.  Thank you for your support and kindness. Each comment you share, all of your encouragement – it means more than I could ever express. I am grateful to the Lord for you and pray that your Thanksgiving is both blessed and happy.   All My Love, Holly Fellow plant lovers, like or follow us here. Thank you! 🙂

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    Affiliate Disclosure

    In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission released their new rules for Disclosure Compliance. These rules are set in place to ensure that readers or viewers of web media (blogs, Youtube videos, etc.) know if the blogger/presenter is sponsored, endorsed, or partnered with a different company. In blog terms, the readers need to know if the blogger is making money by sharing a link or product. In compliance with the FTC guidelines, please assume the following about links and posts on this site: Any/all of the links on PottedOpulence.com are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items. What are affiliate links? Purchases are made…

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    About Us

    Welcome to Potted Opulence! This site is dedicated to all the potted plants we love, that bring us so much enjoyment. Phalaenopsis orchids will likely take front and center stage, but along the journey, I’m quite sure many other plants will be discussed as well. It is my hope that we can engage in discussion together and chat about all the different ways these wondrous creations have made us smile…and challenged us as well. It Was Love At First Sight Some years ago, I met a lady who was going through a bad break-up with her fiance and was using plant therapy to soothe her aching heart. She began propagating…