ROOTBlast 2-1-2 Growth Formula, 40-Ounce Jar

A great product for boosting the health of your plants through robust root systems.


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This is a great product!  Boosting your plants root mass in a healthy manner means much less work for you and a greater yield on blooms or vegetation.

If using with orchids or other sensitive household plants, you will need to dilute this down with water.  One scoop of this for orchids could do at least 5 gallons of water.  Not much is needed, as you will want to introduce your plants to this over time with incremental increase.  In due time, you will notice a significant change in your root health which means much healthier plants overall.

A friend of mine recommended this to me, as he has been using it successfully on his orchids and various other plants and saw definite improvement.

From The Manufacturer:


  • Boosts new root growth
  • 2-1-2 Fertilizer: limestone, calcium nitrate and monoammonium phosphate
  • For flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and houseplants
  • Use once per season for outstanding results
  • All natural, no hormones, and environmentally safe

Rootblast boosts new root growth. This granular 2-1-2 fertilizer contains limestone, calcium nitrate and monoammonium phosphate to pump up the roots of your flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and houseplants. Easy to apply, with no mess, and no water mixing needed. Use once per season for outstanding results. All natural, hormone free, and environmentally safe. Big 2.5 lb (40 oz) jar to feed dozens of seedlings, your transplants, and your established beds.


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